3D TV Warning – Health Warning with 3D Function

3D TV Health Warning Well just when you’ve decided on what 3DTV to buy along comes a health warning from the most unlikely source- Samsung! The world’s biggest electronics company has issued the warning on their own website alerting people to the possible dangers using the 3D TV function. The original 3d tv warning which … Continued

Buying a new FlatScreen TV

Today’s TVs are crammed full of innovative features and cool gadgets that can be quite mind-blowing when on the look out for a new TV. You can be easily tempted into buying one with bells and whistles when really all you want is a smashing picture and an easy to use remote. There are however … Continued

Freesat TVs

Freesat-enabled TVs are the new kids on the block but what actually is a Freesat TV and is it worth the extra price tag?  There may only be a handful of these chaps out at the moment but it won’t be long before word gets out that there’s money to be saved. Freesat TVs have … Continued

Best 19″ Bedroom or Kitchen LCD TV

Whether its for a bedroom or kitchen the 19 inch is the most popular size for people looking for a small TV and all of the major brands have LCD models in this size. A 19 inch LCD can cost between £150 and £300 with some models also including a DVD player. Recently Channel Five’s … Continued

TVs that can access the Internet

Internet Televisions Web enabled TVs are the latest trend to hit the market and have the ability to retrieve and display web content on the TV screen. It’s early days yet and you are limited to what you can access from specific channels for news, sport, and local weather and feeds from Flickr and YouTube. … Continued