Most popular DVD Combi TVs

Amazon DVD Combi TVs LCD TV/DVD combi sets are a versatile option when looking to buy a space saving television. Small 15 and 19 inch TVs with a built-in DVD player make ideal kids bedroom TVs. Combi TVs are also always a best seller at Christmas and now come with added features like built-in DVD … Continued

Plasma Televisions

Plasma Televisions at Amazon The champions of the Plasma screen; Panasonic, Samsung and LG rise to the challenge of Plasma vs LCD. High quality big screens is where the plasma TVs scoop all the points and puts them back firmly on the map. Jam packed plasma TVs are hard to beat when it comes to … Continued

Small TVs 14in to 20in Screens

Amazon Small TVs up to 20 inch screen size Small screen size TVs are not just toys for the kids bedroom they can be as feature packed as the big guys but in a convenient 17, 19 or 20 inch size. Best selling models are fully fledged HD Ready TVs. ¬†Click images below to see … Continued