New Sony TV line up for 2011

New 2011 Sony 3D Internet TVs

2011 looks like the year for internet TVs to take centre stage with Sony’s new line up promising to bring the best of the web to your screen. Bravia TVs increased internet content include online entertainment with enhanced picture quality for the big screen.

You can enjoy new apps and integrated Wi-Fi on more of Sony’s new models with Qriocity Video on-demand, Love Film iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype opening up a gateway of services at your fingertips.

Sony Full HD 3D Internet TVs

Sony HX923 Series – Peak Picture Performance

The top of the line starts with the fabulous HX923 series that gives you first class cinematic viewing in full HD 1080p  2D and 3D as well as impressive online capabilities. This series includes big screen 46 and 55 inch displays with models KDL-55HX923 and  KDL-46HX923 available around the end of May.

Peak performance is delivered thanks to an array of high end features; Intelligent Peak LED for stunning contrast, Motionflow XR 800 for smooth clear images, built-in Freeview HD tuner, Wi-Fi, Internet video, camera and microphone for Skype plus superior life-like 3D pictures with 2 pairs of 3D glasses.

Sony HX823 Series – Slim and Stylish 3D TV

Next up are the slim and stylish 3D TVs in the HX823 series. These designer models again sport Sony’s Monolithic Design option. The 55 inch KDL-55HX823 and 46 inch KDL-46HX823 boast Dynamic Edge LED screen,  3D capability, Smooth action with Motionflow XR 400 frames technology and built-in WiFi to connect to the internet.

Sony HX723 Series – Internet and 3D

The HX723 series doesn’t have a Monolithic design but is a slim and stylish 3DTV with smooth lifelike 2D & 3D viewing, Motionflow 400 XR, Internet video and Skype. Available in two screens sizes: 46 inch KDL-46HX723 and 40 inch KDL-40HX723.

Sony NX723 Series – Monolithic Design, Motionflow XR 200

NX723 is similar to the 2010 NX713 series and boasts a thinner bezel as well as having wireless connection to the internet and the latest connectivity features. Enjoy both 2D and 3D technology in Full HD 1080p with edge LED and Motionflow XR 200 technology. Elegant Monolith Design in 40 46 55 and 60 inch size screens. 3D Glasses are optional. Model numbers in this range include: KDL-60NX723 KDL-55NX723 KDL-46NX723 KDL-40NX723

Sony EX723 / EX724 Series – Smooth 3D TV picture quality

The entry level 3D EX series concentrates more on performance than super thin styling and offers clear smooth 2D and 3D picture quality in Full HD 1080p.

Features include Edge LED, Motionflow XR 200, ready for wireless (add Wi-FI adapter), Optional 3D Glasses.Screen sizes include 32, 40 46inch and 55 inch. EX series Model numbers: KDL-46EX724 KDL-40EX724 KDL-32EX724 (Mid March) – KDL-55EX723 KDL-46EX723 KDL-40EX723 KDL-32EX723 (Mid March)

Sony EX523 / EX524 Series – Enhanced Home Entertainment

The EX523/4 series give you slim edge LED screens with Full HD 1080p enhanced detail with X-Reality Picture engine. Ready for wireless connection to the internet (add Wi~FI adpter) and Video and Voice calls with Skype (add camera and microphone) (available early April 2011).

Screen sizes and model numbers:

40 inch KDL-40EX523 32 inch KDL-32EX523
46 inch KDL-46EX524,  40 inch KDL-40EX524,  37 inch KDL-37EX524, 32 inch KDL-32EX524

Sony EX320/W Series LED TVs

Small & Stylish second room LED TVs but with extra functionality, built-in Wi-Fi and access to Sony’s internet TV services. The full HD KDL-24EX320 / KDL-24EX320/w features Edge Lit LED, X-Reality Engine and Built-in Wi-Fi for Internet Video and Skype.

Sony CX523 LCD TVs

Also available is the CX523 range. 40 inch KDL-40CX523 and 32 inch KDL-32CX523: Features include Wireless LAN Internet ready Full HD LCD TVs with Freeview HD Smart sensors and free Skype calls

New TV/DVD Combi TVs

KDL-22CX32D: 22 inch HD Ready LCD/DVD Combi 2 HDMIs 2 Microphone connections

Smart Technologies from Sony TVs

With the main attraction veering towards the web it comes as no surprise that most of Sony’s new TVs this year include access to the internet. In addition they will have built-in Wi-Fi or Wireless LAN-ready functionality, voice and video calling with Skype plus with some models you’ll be able to use your iPhone or Android phone as a remote control or send photos direct from your mobile to your TV with Wi-Fi Direct.