Samsung UE46B7000 LED TV

samsung UE46B7000 pricesSamsung Series 7 UE46B7000

The arrival of Samsung’s series 7 LED TVs opens up a new way of TV entertainment in your home. This latest offering has networking capabilities along with a host of high end features crammed into its super thin design.

The Samsung UE46B7000 is a 46 inch LED wide screen TV that is only 29.9mm thick. TVs are getting thinner and thinner but this latest range promises to deliver a first rate performance to match its unique styling.

Starting at 40 inch screen sizes to a mighty 55 inch are a stunning collection which includes the following models in either rose black (B7000) or platinum black (B7020).

Connectivity is excellent with 4 HDMI inputs so hooking up to disc players, sony playstations, nintendo wii and other HD devices will be easy. There are rear inputs plus side mounted inputs which are ideal for digital cameras, camcorders and laptops.

The other models in the 7000 series include:
Platinum black

Rose black

The UE46B7000 is a pleasure to look at even when not switched on! The unique Crystal Design has a subtle hint of amber in the bezel that compliments the soft square lines of the frame beautifully. There is even an attractive and comfortable pebble shaped remote control included with series 7 TVs.

Key Features
The key features of this latest LED TV include:

  • 46 inch screen
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Game Mode
  • HDMI x 4
  • Ultra slim 29.9mm
  • LED lighting
  • Eco-friendly TV
  • 100Hz Motion Plus
  • Mega Dynamic Contrast
  • Wide Colour Enhancer
  • SRS Trusurround
  • DLNA Wireless
  • Internet@TV
  • USB2.0 (Movie)
  • Content Library (Flash)
  • EPG
  • Rose Black

LED Backlighting
LED technology used in today’s TVs have greater contrast ratios where blacks appear blacker creating a much sharper image. The UE46B7000 benefits from LED backlighting producing a Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio for amazing clear pictures. The 100Hz Motion Plus makes for smoother images without any blurring; especially important in fast moving action scenes and sports broadcasts.

With this latest offering from Samsung images really come to life in 1920 x 1080 Full HD with colours even more vibrant and crystal clear then previously possible. Audio quality hasn’t been left behind either with superb sound delivered by SRS Trusurround HD and Dolby Digital Plus.

Samsung’s 7 series not only boast the clearest, thinnest eco friendly LED TVs but also offers a new media experience. Medi@2.0 technology combines four media technologies that will enhance your television enjoyment.

Internet@TV: A new internet content services that allows you to watch internet content without having to switch on your computer. News, sports, weather etc.

USB 2.0 Movie: A USB connection allows you to share your photos, files and music instantly.

Content Library: A pre loaded gallery allows you to select content categories on your TV without connecting to the internet. Various content available include cooking, games, fitness plus additional content can be downloaded from Samsung.

DNLA (Wireless): This enables you to access your photos, music and movies from your computer without cables.

Series 7 LED TVs are environmentally friendly and use less power than conventional LCD TVs. Samsung LED TVs are also mercury-free, offering a significant benefit to the environment.

Samsung are proud to introduce series 6 and series 7 LED TVs with their light, thin eco design. Made from eco-friendly materials these thin flat screens are so light and make a fine centre piece in any living room.

Anyone looking for an ultra thin Samsung LED TV and can live without connecting up to the web should take a look at the stunning series 6 and its 40 and 46 inch LED TVs UE40B6000 and UE46B6000.

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