Samsung 4K Curved TV Range

Samsung Curved 4K Ultra HD 3d Smart TVs
Not one to shy away from the spotlight Samsung are up and running with their 2015 TV range. Along with LG, the South Korean giants continue to dominate the TV market and were quick to dazzle with their new devices at the CES show this year. With not an OLED in sight Samsung’s focus for now remains firmly set on curves and more UHD. So be prepared to be smitten with huge 4K Ultra HD TVs and plenty of curved beauties along with some modest screen sizes too.

Samsung’s revolutionary Nano-crystal technology promises to elevate your viewing experience to whole new level. The 2015 SUHD TVs plan to set new standards in UHD content with significant improvements in contrast, brightness and colour expression. Expanded brightness levels across the entire screen with a multi-zone full array backlighting brings vibrancy and sharper detail to images.

Quantom Dot Technology
Just like 4K Ultra HD TVs Samsung’s SUHD boasts a high resolution of 3840 x 2160. But integrating Quantum Dot technology is really what makes these SUHD branded models stand out against Samsung’s older 4K TVs. The benefit is easy to see with the launch of this year’s high end TV lines sporting better colour accuracy with purer, cleaner whites and more life-like images.

TVs with Tizen Smart TV Platform
Next gen UHD TVs arrive with a much improved Smart Hub powered by Tizen. The new looking interface is more responsive and much simpler to use with easy access to content you want to watch. It even displays featured recommendations to extend your entertainment. A new smart remote has a curvy design and is more intuitive than its predecessor. The main focus is a point and click with up, down, right and left navigation plus less buttons to fiddle about with.

New 2015 Samsung TVs
Curved 4K SUHD 3D Smart TVs with Integrated Skype Camera
UE78JS9500 UE65JS9500

Curved 4K SUHD 3D Smart TVs
UE65JS9000 UE55JS9000 UE48JS9000

Curved LED 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TVs
UE65JU7500 UE55JU7500

LED 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TVs
UE65JU7000 UE55JU7000 UE48JU7000 UE40JU7000

LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs
UE65JU6400 UE55JU6400 UE48JU6400 UE40JU6400