PlayStation 3 Slim Console + Blu-ray Player

You’ve either bought or are still looking at that all-important LCD, Plasma or LED to take you to home cinema heaven and back but before you splash out to read on. To get the most from your brand new TV and all that HD offers you need a Blu-ray player and if you want to enjoy HD gaming too the new PlayStation 3 Slim is worth a look.

Well, it’s finally here the new PlayStation 3 Slim will look great sitting underneath your new Samsung or Sony BRAVIA LCD.

The PS3 Slim – doubles as a Blu-ray Player and Hi Def gaming console with online features that allow text and video messaging, voice chatting, downloading content and browsing the internet making it arguably the best value home entertainment kit currently on sale.

The console is now in stock and ready to ship although demand for the PS3 is expected to be high with Amazon putting a limit on the number of units purchased per household to 5.

The 1st September 2009 is the day when films can really come alive. PlayStation 3 Slim is not just a high tech console it is armed with a Blu-ray player as well. At around £250 it is expected to be a top seller with Christmas fast approaching and like most new launches is bound to sell out.

PlayStation 3 Slim Reviews

Early customer reviews on Amazon indicate that the latest version of Sony’s gaming console is indeed better than before and makes an excellent value Blu-ray player and games console. Watch out for PS3 bundles in the lead up to Christmas as this looks certain to be on a lot of birthday and Christmas wish lists.

The console plays games in high definition, has a 120GB hard drive, is Wi-Fi ready, streams music and video from your PC and has 2 USB inputs. There are many dedicated Blu-ray players already on the market producing that cinema-like experience but for all-round high definition entertainment, the PlayStation 3 Slim looks a winner.

With the latest LED technology flatscreen TVs have been getting slimmer so it’s only natural to assume the next PS3 would be slimmed down too, but not as far as features go. Fans of the console won’t be disappointed; it is lighter, slimmer, quieter, cooler and more energy efficient and thanks to 120GB hard drive can store a whole lot more. If you have a BRAVIA TV the  PS3 can take advantage of Sony’s BRAVIA sync feature too allowing control with the TV remote.

The console lets gamers enjoy all their games in high-definition, has an easy-to-use interface to compliment the Bul-ray disc and upscaling DVD player, built-in Wi-Fi; HDMI output with 1080p support; built-in web browser and free online gaming service.

The new PS3 Slim console requires an HDMI socket to feed your screen with hi-def pictures but it is also worth remembering that to fully appreciate high definition your TV has to have a Full HD Panel.

The PlayStation 3 Slim is available to buy from stores on Tuesday 1st September including Amazon and Currys