Plasma TV Deals
With prices continuing to drop big screen plasma TVs are more affordable than ever. Most of the big name manufacturers have new plasma models released in 2011 which means last years plasma TVs are also keenly priced.

42-43 Inch Plasma TVs
Panasonic, Samsung and LG produce the popular 42-inch size although this year Samsung introduced 43-inch size Plasma TVs. The extra inch of screen is available through the slimmer bezel design giving you more picture. Similarly samsung have produced 51-inch and 59 inch plasma + 1 TV screens.

46-inch Plasma TVs
With a 46-inch screen you’re really starting to get the big picture and with a comfortable viewing distance will enjoy a better cinematic picture. With HD and Full HD panels more common people are upgrading their next TVs to this larger size. Panasonic have a large range of 46-inch plasma TVs with a number of new models released in 2011.

50-51 Inch Plasma TVs
The 50 and 51 inch screen size provides  a huge choice of Plasma Models from Panasonic, Samsung and LG with prices starting at around £450 for an entry level 50-inch plasma.  Raising the price bar on these will get you additional features such as dual Freeview HD & Freesat HD tuners, 3D, Smart TV networking, WiFi capabilities, active shutter glasses, USB recording  and social networking.

3D Plasma TVs
2011  has to be the year of 3D TVs with more models available and starting from as little as £400. Some of the 3D TVs are ready to go with glasses included while other TVs still need optional extras purchasing to get you up and running with this immersive technology.  Plasma 3D TVs are a popular choice with Samsung and LG producing models selling at under £500