New Samsung Curved TVs for 2015

Ultra HD Smart Curved TVs

Our TV viewing experience is once again taking us to the next level with the arrival of sleek looking curved screens. As you would expect new 2015’s models are going to be better than ever with a promise of amazing picture quality, striking brightness and stunning colours. As always Samsung televisions are leading the way with an impressive line up including no less than 10 curved TVs.

Wider Viewing Angle
Highlights of this exciting new technology is the immersive viewing and wider viewing angle of the curved screen. The gentle curvature enables you to see the finest picture and get a sense of being part of the action. A varied choice of models from the latest Samsung series gives you Smart TVs with or without 3D and the ultimate HU8500 range of 4K Ultra HD Smart 3D TVs with Freeview/Freesat 2 x 3D glasses.

Samsung Series 6,7 & 8 TVs

  • Series 6
    H6800 55” Curved LED HD 3D Smart TV with Freeview
  • Series 7
    HU7200 55” 65” Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart UHD LED TV
  • Series 8
    H8000 48” 55” 65” Smart 3D Curved Full HD LED TVs
    HU8200 55” 65” Curved Smart 3D UHD 4K LED TVs Freeview/Freesat 2 x 3D glasses HU8500 55” 65” 78” Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart 3D Freeview/Freesat 2 x 3D glasses

Free Movie Subscription
Prices vary accordingly to the tech spec but shopping around is a sure way of discovering the best deals. Samsung TV offers to look out for include: FREE 12 Month MUBI Movies subscription and a 3 month DEEZER Music subscription via redemption.

This offer ends 30 April 2015. Find out more here: