LG New TV Range for 2015

LG 4K UHD Models

Just when you think you have the best picture in the house along comes 4K. LG Electronics have expanded their range of 4K Ultra HD TVs for 2015. Ultra HD is four times higher than full HD with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and offers crisp colours, greater realism and depth.

It will therefore come as no surprise that a majority of LG’s premium models will be sporting these extra pixels. Combine 4K and OLED and you have an impressive combination.

LG 2015 Ultra HD 4K Models

  • UF675V Entry Level No Smart Features
  • UF850V Sizes 55 and 65 with Harmon Kardon Audio
  • UF950V 3D Smart TV webOS 55in and 65in with quantum dot technologies

LG Curved Screen TVs

LG dominated the floor space at the CES show this year with their monster size 105 inch curved 4K TV. These mega screens may look exceptionally grand but they’re never going to fit in the corner your living room. However the LG TVs now on sale in the UK are looking a lot more practical and affordable. The LG TV range looks set to conquer its rivals with streamline features, enhanced colours and of course some of the best technologies with the release of full sized OLED TVs.

Expect to see the beginning of something awe inspiring with big screen Ultra HD OLED TVs that have extremely thin and flexible screens. OLED offers superior picture quality performance, faster response time and far wider viewing angles. Although OLED – organic light emitting diodes has been around some time producing large screens 4K models is proving expensive business. LG is at the forefront of this wonder tech and the good news is prices are coming down. But if the current prices don’t put you off then you’re set to enjoy the finest viewing experience around.

LG’s New Smart TV Platform – WebOS 2.0

Something else to get excited about is the upgraded smart TV platform that has been designed to be more user-friendly. Connectivity to other devices is much faster and exploring the system has been simplified. Best of all is users can customise their own menus on the Launcher Bar. WebOS will be present in a majority of LG’s TVs released this year.

LG 2015 4K Ultra HD OLED Smart TVs
with Freeview HD and Harman Kardon Audio

  • 55EG960V 55”
  • 65EG960V 65”

LG Smart LED HD TV with WebOS Platform
32″ 32LF630V, 40″ 40LF630V, 43″ 43LF630V, 49″ 49LF630V & 55″ 55LF630V

More LG models and screen sizes expected in the UK later in 2015