LG 42LM669T White 42” LED Cinema Screen 3D TV

42 inch Smart TV with Freeview HD

The LG 42LM669T is no longer available

Forget about paying crazy prices for gigantic screens way too big for the average room. Instead opt for a cinema screen that pleases the eye with its 42 inch worth of quality and realism both in 2D and 3D. The LG 42LM669T is a Full HD TV with new minimalistic design in white that offers a brilliant LED display, a wealth of Smart web-based apps, streaming and Freeview HD built-in for free high-definition viewing.

Magic Mouse Remote Control
The ease of using a mouse with a PC has now been developed for controlling TVs. At last the simple scrolling up and down method can be used with the wheel functionality on LG’s new Magic Remote control. Just point, click, scroll and control. Zooming in, up or down the screen is quick and easy. Easy navigation is a boon too with an improved home dashboard with a range of customisation options.

Free 4 Pairs of 3D Glasses + 1 Clip-on
With 4 pairs of glasses and one clip on pair included friends and family can enjoy sharing the 3D experience. The passive glasses are comfortable to wear compared to more expensive active glasses. They’re ideal for watching films at home or playing games over a long period and are cheap to replace.

New Slim LG 2012 TVs
It goes without saying that each year big names such as Panasonic, Samsung and Sony churn out smarter and slimmer models. LG is no exception, their next-generation TVs come complete with incredible 2D to 3D upscaling technology, more advanced features and cutting-edge picture processing. This year’ LG TV series consists of LM96, LM86, LM76, LM67, LM669 and LM66.

Features 42” 3D Smart TV LG 42LM669T

  • Edge LED Freeview HD
  • Ultra Thin Full HD 3D TV
  • Resolution Upscaling
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Multi-Player Gaming
  • Catch-up TV, BBC iPlayer, Skype,Twitter
  • Fully DLNA Enabled
  • Smart Share Music, Photos, Videos
  • Energy Saving

Sizes 32, 42 and 47 are available in the LM669 series model numbers are:

  • 32 inch 32LM669T
  • 42 inch 42LM669T
  • 47 inch 47LM669T