LG TV Model Guide 3D Smart TVs

LG 3D Smart TVs
It’s not unusual to be baffled by the array of features offered by today’s modern TVs but some brands make it easier to get to grips with. Earlier this year we had the line up from LG. This included their first range of TVs equipped with Smart TV allowing access to the best of the internet on a big screen. From their flagship cinema 3D sets, Smart TVs to entry level cheaper models there is something for everyone.

LG Latest TV Model Numbers
Take a closer a look at the model and you’ll soon discover the trick is to understand LG’s numbering system and what they mean. From LGs list of LED, LCD and Plasma TVs you will be able to sort the useful from the gimmicky. You can see basic sizes, spec and type of model simply by the model number. Deciphering this will give you everything you need to know about the features of each TV at a glance. This can save time and money so you can find the best deal on the newest LG model to suit your requirements.

LG TV Model numbers deciphered

  • LK = LCD TVs
  • P = Plasma
  • LV = LED
  • LW = 3D LED TV ( W means it’s passive 3DTV)
  • LZ = 3D LED TV ( Z means it’s an active shutter type)

Models with a suffix U have an integrated Freeview Tuner
Those with a suffix T have Freeview HD built-in

As with most TV brands the higher the number and series denotes more features and greater level of performance.

Entry Level Models LK Series

  • HD Ready LCD TV: 22” 22LK330U, 26” 26LK330U, 32” 32LK330U
  • Full HD LCD TV with Freeview: 32” 32LK450U, 37” 37LK450U, 42” 42LK450U
  • Full HD LCD TV with Freeview HD built-in: 32” 32LK530T, 42” 42LK530T, 47” 47LK530T

LV Series

  • HD Ready LED TV: 19” 19LV250U, 22” 22LV250U, 26” 26LV250U, 32” 32LV250U
  • Full HD LED: 32” 32LV355U, 37” 37LV355U, 42” 42LV355U, 47” 47LV355U
  • Full HD LED Freeview HD : 32” 32LV355T, 37” 37LV355T, 42” 42LV355T, 47” 47LV355T
  • Full HD LED 100Hz Tru Motion Picture Engine: 32” 32LV450U, 37” 37LV450U, 42” 42LV450U, 47” 47LV450U
  • Full HD LED 100Hz Smart TV Freeview HD 32” 32LV550T, 37” 37LV550T, 42” 42LV550T, 47” 47LV550T


LW Series

  • Full HD 100Hz Passive 3D (7 pairs glasses included) Tru Motion Picture Engine 32” 32LW450U, 42” 42LW450U, 47” 47LW450U, 55” 55LW450U
  • Full HD Smart LED TV 100Hz Passive 3D (7 pairs glasses included ) Freeview HD 42” 42LW550T, 47” 47LW550T, 55” 55LW550T
  • Full HD 200Hz Passive 3D LED (7 prs glasses) wi-fi Smart TV Freeview HD Tru-Motion 42” 42LW650T, 47” 47LW650T, 55” 55LW650T


Entry Level Plasma Models

PT Series

  • HD Ready Plasma 600Hz 42” 42PT353, 50” 50PT353

PW Plasma Series

  • HD Ready 600Hz 3D Freeview HD 1 pair glasses included 42” 42PW450T, 50” 50PW450T

PZ Plasma Series

  • Full HD 600Hz active shutter 3D Freeview HD 1 pr glasses 50” 50PZ250T, 60” 60PZ250T
  • Full HD 600Hz plasma screen active shutter 3D THX 3D Freeview HD 1 pair glasses included 50” 50PZ550T, 60” 60PZ550T
  • Full HD 600Hz Smart TV active shutter 3D THX 3D Freeview HD 1 pair glasses included 50” 50PZ570T, 60” 60PZ570T
  • Full HD 600Hz Smart TV active shutter 3D THX 3D Freeview HD 1 pair glasses included Magic Remote: 50” 50PZ950T, 60” 60PZ950T