Sony Google TV First HDTV Powered by Google

The World’s First Google TV

In 2010 we saw a host of TVs with media streaming, internet TV apps and DLNA connectivity, ultra thin screens. Then came the ultimate home entertainment experience with 3D TV; the hottest new display technology keeping  TV manufacturers busy producing the next generation models.

Google TV

So from streaming movies, accessing twitter and Flikr plus watching 3D images on your screen what will 2011 bring new in the world of television? It looks like Google TV is set to make its mark in the fast emerging Smart TV generation.

What is Google TV

The world’s favourite search engine has combined forces with Sony and Intel opening up a new way forward in the way you browse the net.

You will be able to search the web with a Google’s Chrome browser, use apps and watch hi-definition TV all at the same time.

Google will be leaping from PC to TV in the biggest new tech shake-up in years. The new generation of web connected TVs will use a version of Google’s Chrome search interface running on the Android system.

What can you search on the Web with Google TV

With Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player 10.1, you will be able to access everything on the web.

You can chat to friends, watch favourite web videos, view photos everything else you’re been used to doing online is now possible with Google TV.

You can customize your Google TV so you have instant access to your favourite channels, apps, podcasts and websites.

What to look forward to with Google TV

The first models to hit the shelves will show an interface which will accommodate streaming and feeds from social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Intel and Sony will be keen to secure their place in the connected world of the living room.

Sony has improved its internet portal on their latest Bravia TVs meanwhile Intel has unveiled a new chipset designed specifically for TV applications. With Google TV you will be able to watch TV and browse the internet simultaneously.

How to Control Google TV

Google TV comes with wireless remote controls with a full Qwerty keypad. You will also be able to control your Google TV via your iPhone or Android phone instead of using the remote control.

You can use your voice to search and multiple phones can be used to control the set so there will be no fighting over the remote.

How to Get Google TV

Get a standalone Sony Internet TV or get a separate box to use with your current HDTV. The world’s first Sony HDTV powered by Google TV is set to launch in the US although not yet available in the UK.

Current Google TV sets available in the US include 46, 40, 32 and 24 inch screen sizes with Built-in WiFi and an easy to use QWERTY keypad remote control.

Sony Internet TVs

  • 46 inch – NSX-46GT1
  • 40 inch – NSX-40GT1
  • 32 inch – NSX-32GT1
  • 24 inch – NSX-24GT1

Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player

  • NSZ-GT1

Alternatively the Sony Internet TV Blu-ray disc player with built-in Google TV is available and also features Built-in WiFI and a QWERTY keypad remote.

Google TV Smart New Toolkit

TVs with internet connectivity have become a major selling point in the TV industry and demonstrate just how important the internet has become. Google and its Android-based TV toolkit will be keeping developers busy in the months ahead.

Google TV will come pre-loaded with apps like Netflix, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon Video on Demand and Pandora with plenty more to follow.