Curved TVs

Buying a new TV was set to get more exciting with the arrival of curved screens back in 2015. Manufacturers such as LG, Sony and Samsung were quick to embrace the concept and soon showcased their new TV ranges of curved TVs. But the novelty of the curved screen quickly wore off. Sony along with Samsung soon phased out the production of curved TVs. However, by 2024 curved PC monitors have become increasingly popular and work far better when it’s a single person in front of a PC.

New LG OLED Flexible Screen TV

LG 42LX3Q6LA (2022) OLED Flex HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 42 inch with Flexible Display, Freeview HD/Freesat HD & Dolby Atmos, Black

by LG

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The next best thing to buying a curved TV is the latest flexible screen offering from LG. The LG OLED Flex 42-inch TV has the unique ability to curve its screen, accommodating different viewing styles and needs. It can go from being a flat-screen TV ideal for watching a movie to a curved screen for gamers.

Whether you are tech-savvy or not this is yet another technology to consider along with choosing the best brand, model size, features and price to suit your budget. Premium models combine the aesthetic appealing curvature, smart functionality and performance to spectacular effect.

3D Effect without the Glasses

With the reshaping of TV screens, it’s not just 3D TVs that are going to deliver immersive viewing. By curving the edges of the picture towards you, there’s a sense of being part of the picture. You can enjoy a richer contrast with images sharper at the edges too, best of all there are no glasses to wear. To get the most effectiveness out of this new design brands are producing big-screen TVs with a curve starting at 48 inches upwards.

The bend of the screen can be slightly more pronounced in some models which may look awkward if wall mounted. However, it’s a different story when a curved TV is placed on a stand or cabinet. Positioned correctly in the room they now look the part and make an attractive focal point. As you would expect from today’s current crop of curved TVs they come fully laden with a heavy spec. All the essential are there plus more.